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Bishop Persico July 2021 COVID letter


Dear fellow St. Boniface parishioners,
I am writing to update you regarding an important development in the diocese's Covid-19 regulations. Yesterday, July 15, Bishop Persico issued a letter setting a date for when he will lift the dispensation from attending Mass on Sunday in the Diocese of Erie. That date is August 15, 2021, the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. If you recall, he issued the dispensation as a safety measure in response to Covid-19. Now that the threat of Covid-19 is receding, and following the governor's lead of lifting most state restrictions, the bishop, in union with the other bishops of Pennsylvania, has deemed it time to lift the dispensation. 
Please note that, as has always been the case, no one who is sick or exhibiting symptoms of a communicable disease like Covid-19 should come to Mass until you are well. The dispensation also remains in place for caregivers of those who are sick or homebound as well as anyone who, due to a compromised immune system, is at high risk for contracting a communicable disease. As I've always said, even before Covid-19, use your best judgment and make your own determination if you should or should not come to Mass, and the best judgment is always based on facts, not fear. I will be meeting soon with our Parish Council to draft plans for helping people transition smoothly back into regular Sunday Mass attendance, which I will keep you informed about as they develop. I will also keep you posted if the bishop lifts any of the remaining regulations still in effect (e.g. no holy water font at the entrance of the church, no offertory procession, etc.), which he has not yet done. In the meantime, let us keep each other, our parish, and our diocese in prayer as we make this important transition in the life of our Church, and, as always, please let me know if I can help you in any way.
Peace in Christ,
Fr. Marc


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